St. James Lutheran School is accredited by NLSA for 2015 – 2021. The accreditation certificate recognizes the quality education program at St. James Lutheran School.
Working through the accreditation process assures parents that  SJL has implemented and documented policies and procedures that assure:
  • the physical safety and well-being of students
  • the quality of academic instruction
  • the ongoing education and retraining of its faculty and staff
  • its acknowledgement of the civil and human rights of both its students and employees.

Evidence of this compliance is documented by a thorough self-study, collection of artifacts, and interviews and examinations by a peer review committee. In short, St. James Ev. Lutheran School has fulfilled the expectations the public has for educational systems in our nation. Beyond the educational expectations, St. James has demonstrated a commitment to and a consistent implementation of a quality, doctrinally sound Christian Education.

What is NLSA?

National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) serves as the accrediting body for Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod schools across the United States and the world. NLSA has been accrediting schools in the LCMS since 1978, and accreditation decisions have always been based upon a school’s compliance with national standards for Lutheran schools that reflect the essential qualities that are expected of Lutheran schools.

The purpose of an NLSA self-study is to evaluate the actual conditions in place that are related to essential indicators of school quality. These are evaluated and measured in seven specific standard areas. In order to become accredited in good standing with NLSA, a school must comply fully with 30 required indicators of success. Additionally, the school must evaluate itself using a variety of general indicators that quantify how it complies with standards in each accreditation area. 

National Lutheran School Accreditation encourages, assists, and recognizes schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. The Evidence Based Accreditation (EBA) process allows for the fulfillment this mission effectively thereby providing a valuable service to Lutheran schools.