3 & 4 Year Old Preschool

This is a setting for children who have turned either 3 or 4 by September 1st. Children must be toilet trained.

While socialization remains the key emphasis, our structured environment provides hands on learning activities in a variety of ways. Children explore the world of art through finger paints, construction paper and crafts. This allows them to develop the large and fine motor skills necessary for personal success. Children are also engaged in a variety of physical and social means to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, and patterns.

Special units of exploration take place to introduce children to community helpers, the children’s  environment, and the global world. These include dress up and role playin; puppets; dramatic play, such as airplane rides; and dramatic retelling of children’s stories and Bible accounts.

Children also develop large motor skills, strength, turn-taking, and cooperative play skills by using the gym, and the two outdoor playgrounds available to them.



Parents are invited to call and arrange a visit to tour our preschool room and school facility and visit with the principal and/or preschool teacher at your convenience. Please call the school office at 507-436-5289 or Contact Us.

An openhouse is held every year. Follow our facebook page for upcoming info.

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