Want learning with Christ at the center?
Want curriculum that will challenge your child and prepare them for the future?
We offer both!

St. James Lutheran School maintains high expectations of student and staff. It is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation. Our curriculum and program success is evaluated yearly based on student success and data trends produced by standardized testing using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). We maintain a curriculum review cycle and quality staff development based in student performance. Teachers and students have access to technology for instruction, learning, and projects. In addition, we incorporate service learning and stewardship in guiding our students to mature citizenship. Graduating students are well prepared for high school.


St. James Lutheran School believes that children should be taught proper use of computers, including keyboarding skills, word processing skills, and proper internet usage. To this end, our computer lab contains a set of networked laptops. Each classroom also utilizes an interactive whiteboard and projector.

We also firmly believe that children should actively practice face-to-face interpersonal communication skills, learning to effectively speak, write, and listen so as to be understood by teachers and classmates.