Why St. James Lutheran?

See why SJL parents decided on Christian education for their kids.

St. James Lutheran School has been a cornerstone in my life since childhood. My husband and I attended SJL as well as our two sons. Currently, our youngest son Jackson is in 6th grade at SJL. The benefits we’ve received at SJL are truly invaluable.  The small class sizes allow Jackson to receive one on one attention and individualized learning best suited to his needs. The staff’s dedication to Christian education is reflected through their love for him and their concern beyond the classroom. Extra efforts are made to provide him with a hot lunch despite his dietary restrictions, which makes this mamma very happy.  Most importantly though, SJL teaches Christian discipleship through curriculum and example leadership, keeping Christ at the center of everything they do.

Jennifer Luhmann

Past Student / Current Parent

If you are looking to get away from the public school system and are unsure if homeschooling is right for you, give SJL a try. They will welcome you with open arms. We are so pleased with the education that our son is getting. And it is affordable.

Steve Blaufuss

Current Parent

When we decided to start raising a family, one of our 1st conversations was, “where are we going to send our kids to school”.  That has never been a question for us.  From the beginning we knew that we wanted to send our girls to a parochial school.  St. James Northrop was our 1st choice.  We have never regretted that choice.  Every school has math & science, every school has sports  – but not every school has religion classes and a Christian based curriculum.  Every parent worries about where their kids are going to get in life.  I feel that we have given the best start in life through small class sizes and a challenging learning environment.   Had it not been for this small class size, my girls would have gone on struggling with a learning disability.  They would have never been given the tools to over-come these challenges but could have possibly just struggled throughout their lives.  Our concern as Christian parents is “where will our kids end up after life”?  We feel that by sending them to St. James Northrop from PK – 8th grade and then on to Martin Luther High School that we are doing the best we can to make sure they end up where they should – after life.  Recently we were asked, “If you had it to do all over again, where would you send your girls”?  Both Dan and I responded, “Right where we did!”  We thank God for giving us St. James Lutheran School!!

Lynn Petrowiak

Past Parent